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Our latest Television commercial
Trust Is Earned Over Time
The commercial highlights Coronation's key message of Trust is Earned through the extraordinary true life story of Doctor Albert-André Nast, a beloved doctor in the French village of Chelles.

In 1931, at the age of 47, Doctor Nast lost his eyesight. Completely blind, he was resigned to give up his life’s work. But as patients kept turning up at his doorstep, Doctor Nast continued to treat them with great attention and skill.
Trust Is Earned Over Time
Every day, working hard to provide the best possible care, he earned the trust of the entire community. He continued to practise medicine for decades, saving lives, establishing a clinic and delivering some 4 000 babies.

Doctor Nast’s unstinting commitment to keep earning his patients’ trust, day after day, resonates deeply with us at Coronation.
Trust Is Earned Over Time
The commercial is a beautiful homage to this true life story. The filmmakers have meticulously recreated the world of this village doctor for a truly cinematic experience, rich in authentic detail.

On this page you can view the extended version of the commercial, and watch behind the scenes footage of how we brought this portrayal of Doctor Nast to life.
Trust Is Earned Over Time
At Coronation, we are inspired by his tireless quest to deserve the faith that his patients put in his abilities. We believe in building long-term relationships with clients, and importantly, that trust is not a given or a right, but that it is hard earned over time.

The television commercial, which was devised by Net#work BBDO, has the endorsement of the South African National Council for the Blind.
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